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AI Enhanced Help Desk

Our AI enhanced Help Desk solution is designed to streamline and automate support tasks across a wide range of everyday business issues. Bid farewell to the intricacies of technological incidents; we stand ready to facilitate their resolution with unprecedented ease.

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Automate Your IT Help Desk

An AI enhanced help desk utilizes a unique combination of Generative AI and automation to intercept and resolve support requests with end-users while automating your most repetitive tasks, actions, and workflows.

Our AI Service Desk Solution comes with pre-built intents and workflows to completely automate the resolution of help desk support issues.

✓Auto-resolve incoming requests instantly

✓Reduce repetitive work and improve employee productivity

✓Improve employee satisfaction


This solution incorporates Artificial Intelligence into our support services, and the results are nothing short of remarkable. With AI by your side, you can expect increased productivity, optimized operational flow, and an exceptional experience for your employees.

Benefits when implementing a help desk with AI:

✓Reduce IT Support Costs

✓Boost Employee Satisfaction

✓Simplify IT Processes 

✓Improve Resolution Times

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The Power of AI Enhanced Help Desk: Key Advantages

✓IT request resolution autonomously and 24/7  

✓Automate repetitive tasks 

✓Troubleshoot common issues

✓Predictability and Problem Prevention 

✓Proactive Notifications and Updates

✓Unlock Accounts and reset passwords

✓Ticket Improvement 

Featured Capabilities

Integrations and Process Automation

1200+ built-in integrations to various applications and help desk products ensure that customers can quickly build and deploy automation flows with its no-code visual studio.

Knowledge Extraction and Resolution

Its deep integration with knowledge base systems, collaboration apps, files, and web crawlers ensures that any unstructured content is automatically converted for autonomous knowledge resolution with Conversational AI.

Conversational Service Catalog

Serve answers from multiple service catalog sources. It Automatically imports service catalogs from existing service desk ticketing software such as ServiceNow and BMC and convert them to native Conversational-driven catalog experiences.

Seamless Escalation to Automated Ticketing System

Auto-detect sentiment and escalating conversations to seamlessly connect to a live agent or handoff to agents for further processing by integrating to leading IT service desk ticketing systems such as ServiceNow, Jira, and BMC.

Automated AI Learning

AI that automatically and continuously learns from previous tickets, knowledge sources, and conversation logs improves the virtual assistant’s understanding and accuracy in the auto-resolution of support requests.

Proactive Notifications and Updates

Make company-wide announcements and relevant updates for system outages, scheduled maintenance, security notifications through collaboration channels such as Microsoft Teams, Slack, Zoom Chat, Email.

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