Managed Services

We got all the technology we needed. You will be able to pay attention to events that could affect the operation of your business.

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Our outsourcing services cover the areas of infrastructure, administration, management, development or personnel allocation. Among the benefits by outsourcing we highlight:

  • Continuous availability of a qualified team
  • Minimizes the risk of interruptions in your operation
  • Cost Reduction
  • Steady cash flow, among others.

Break and Fix Contracts

Services by Event are defined by a Service Level Agreement (SLA) that specifically establishes how and the time for the service to be delivered, which is monitored by our Service Center. Our clients can complement the coverage of these options:

  • Remote Support
  • 7 x 24
  • Parts Storage
  • Backup Equipment

Help Desk

We can establish different options so your internal and external users receive attention in their IT requests in a timely manner. 

This service can be offered in different time zones and languages to ensure business continuity in all you locations along with process automation. 


Remote Support

Remote support can be added as a solution for break and fix and help desk contracts. 

Our engineers are able to support remotely:

  • End users
  • Technicians in your data center

More information

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