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Managed Services

We got all the technology we needed. You will be able to pay attention to events that could affect the operation of your business.

service for integrators


Increase productivity with a stronger structure. With qualified staff, we offer efficient and innovative solutions that support the needs of existing networks with the ability to adapt to future requirements of your organization.

service for integrators


Optimize your resources when managing your projects. Netser becomes responsible of resources and the full compliance of delivery times on any IT project you have in mind.

service for integrators

Staffing Services

Continuous availability of a qualified team. This allows your company to focus on growing your business. We will provide a continuous and scalable service in order to meet the requirements of your users and customers.

service for integrators


Integrated management of Service and Logistics. At Netser we have the experience and systems needed to take the parts from the origin country, export them, transport them, import them, and store them in the country of destination while our customers can see via web the exact location and status of any part.

service for integrators

Data Center

Maximize the use of resources in your computer center and get the most out of your devices.