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Data Center Services

Maximize the use of resources in your computer center and get the most out of your devices.



Reestablish the operation of your technology platform with faster response. Netser offers the most appropriate strategy to ensure business continuity based on your data center with different services.

We can go from the hardware install to a full configuration of your servers.

You will count on certified personnel, in addition to availability of equipment and parts replacement, and to “Cold Spare” attention.


Data Storage Device Install and Configuration

Our certified engineers are able to design and implement your storage environment. 

Some of our solutions:

  • Hardware installation
  • SAN and NAS environment setup
  • Data storage policies and procedures design
  • Disk backup and recovery procedures design

Virtualization: VMware, Hyper-v

Maximize the use of resources in your Data Center and get the most out of your devices. Netser will meet your needs with specialists that can assist in optimizing the use of existing equipment through virtualization.

With our virtualization service you will see improvement in the use of memory, disks, processors and ports of your current devices.



Anticipate the risks of exposing your infrastructure and information to the web. We have the necessary equipment for the continuous safeguard of your data in addition to the protection of your infrastructure against the risks of the everyday operation.

We rely on our experience and qualified staff to design technologies that ensure the confidentiality of your information and different security systems that grant access to authorized staff in each area.

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