Staffing Services

Continuous availability of a qualified team. Staffing Services allows your company to focus on growing your business. We will provide a continuous and scalable service in order to meet the requirements of your users and customers.

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Full outsourcing service

Full-time specialized staff in your offices. Netser offers Manpower service with specialized resources and required skills directly in the customer’s office under any premise or framework.


Multi country contract

Netser provides contracts for your IT staff in different countries where your company is located. This ensures the same quality standard in all our branches.

We can generate a centralized invoice or we can also invoice in each of the countries where the staff is rendering services.

Job interview and candidate selection for employment.

Compliance with local laws

With our services you can have the peace of mind knowing that all of the resources are hired complying with each of the local laws. This diminishes the risks of having any legal circumstance. 

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We offer different options designed to your service needs and volume of your business. We provide contacts that can be billed by the hour, day, week or month. 


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