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Evolution and importance of data centers in digital transformation

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Data centers strengthen their capabilities to offer innovative possibilities and consolidate themselves as a valuable asset in the new era of companies.

Data centers are one of the most essential technological evolutions of the last decades, as they guarantee success in most business operations. From data processing, management, storage, and security, these infrastructures are consolidated as main strategic tools and are protagonists of the most innovative opportunities in information connection.  

 Data centers also play a key role in the interconnection of the entire business environment in the same computer resource, to provide easy access to information and even continued management of the daily tasks of an organization.  This is how the data center industry has scaled from government, banking, and technology services to startups that need secure environments to maintain operational continuity with fewer risks. 

Where are data centers going? 

The growing needs of the market and the transformation of societies are elements that have undoubtedly led to an acceleration in the modernization of data centers. 

Nowadays, they are adapted to the specific requirements of companies and replace the huge old infrastructures with more modern services with cloud operations. 

Due to the boom that data centers have had and their accelerated transformation, the evolution is aimed at integrating them with Artificial Intelligence (AI), an innovative fusion designed for the near future that allows organizations to save more money and guarantee greater security given imminent risks in information management.  

For this reason, more and more organizations are concentrating their efforts to investigate the advantages that Artificial Intelligence can bring this industry. 

 Some solutions that could be achieved with these modernized data centers are: 

  • Automated control  
  • Intelligent detection and forecasting of technical failures 
  • Lower electricity consumption 
  • Effective cyber threat identification 
  • Operational efficiency with the use of machine learning 


The boom in investment for Data Centers 

It is notorious how data storage continues to be a great point of attention in current tech research. And, because companies are looking to increase their tech capacity, technological development focused on ensuring intelligent infrastructures that facilitate business operations.  

According to the Data Center Investment Outlook report by DLA Piper, investments in data centers have increased rapidly showing that in 2020 they reached 24.4 billion dollars and in 2021 this number increased to about 53.8 billion.  Indeed, this boom is also demonstrated in the total number of data center transactions that increased by 64% in just one year.  

Additionally, it is important to remember that the demands of the markets for digital transformation evolved rapidly due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This particular fact demonstrated to companies the need to form efficient work systems that ensure an optimal computer connection, and for that reason, innovations in data centers that benefit operations and provide reliability in the handling of information are even more valued. 



Strategically, today’s businesses need to follow the path toward the digital economy. They are required to implement technological services that increase capabilities, which can also lead them to a true transformation. 

Therefore, for small and large companies the need to safeguard information, protect it, and at the same time maintain operations is a great challenge. However, because of innovation in the sector, data centers are adapting to the real needs of any business. Therefore, operational simplification, automation, and security will be present in business giants, especially in the IT industry that seeks to maximize the possibilities offered by data centers.  

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