Demand Vs. Shortage of IT Talent: How are companies facing this situation?

Personas tecnologia computador talento TI technology IT talent

The search for IT Talent is growing exponentially. For this reason, companies must know the alternatives to optimize their business for the new digital era.

The Covid 19 pandemic has accelerated digital transformation and for this reason, companies have been required to look for innovative solutions to offer more competitive businesses. As a result of this transformation, companies in all industries noticed the importance of involving IT talent to improve their productivity and automate processes that allow better organizational management.

However, in the world and specifically in Latin America, there is a large deficit of trained human capital to meet technological needs. According to the study “IT Talent” by Technology by PageGroup, in Latin America, 48% of the job offers in the IT field have not been covered.

Although in Latin America the number of industries looking to increase their digital capacity has accelerated, countries such as Mexico, Brazil, Chile, and Colombia are positioning themselves as leading regions in innovation, and they are making available resources to develop human talent in digital areas.


What are companies currently looking for in IT Talent?

The new digital reality and the rise of the technology sector is evolving the labor market, showing strong demand for professionals with particular skills. Therefore, for companies looking to be more competitive, it is essential to involve professionals who have skills, knowledge, and aptitudes that meet the challenges of today’s markets.

Some of the most valued technical skills in the IT industry are:

  • Data analysis
  • Information security
  • Cloud management
  • DevOps
  • Skills in Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Programming language skills


Likewise, many organizations look for soft skills such as:

  • Analytical skills
  • Problem-solving
  • Teamwork
  • Projects management
  • Effective communication
  • Time management


What are companies doing to meet the technological demand in the face of the IT talent deficit?

Given the growing demand for innovation and process security, industries have suffered delays due to the IT human capital deficit, seen as a major problem that is difficult to face due to the gap between digital transformation and IT talent.

For this reason, these are some useful alternatives that companies are using to meet the demand for professionals with technological capabilities.

  1. Implement alliances with educational centers to strengthen the entry of young human capital with enough knowledge, but not much experience. In this sense, it is important that organizations understand the value of investing in education centers that will be in charge of training generations of technology professionals who will strengthen the IT industry in the future.
  2. Generate work well-being strategies, satisfying the new needs of the labor market, such as flexible hours, remote work, and personal days. It is also useful to encourage professional growth and development policies within IT talent that retain and even attract new profiles.
  3. The best solution for those companies that require short-term and reliable results is definitely outsourcing, a popular process that refers to hiring the services of a specialized team to which organizations can transfer the execution of tasks, project management, process automation, computer security and many more tasks that can replace cooperation through outsourcing. This process ensures efficient performance, since providing an experienced IT department will help companies reduce costs, optimize time, and business innovation, improve quality, and other benefits to generate greater competitiveness in the challenges of the market.



The digital revolution has changed the way of doing things and has transformed the business reality into less complex structures that use technology as an ally, it is for this reason that it is currently considered a challenge to meet the needs of all the industries that are constantly changing.

In spite of everything, the trends toward the new digital age show the growing need that society has to train professionals in digital areas and that is why a future boom is expected in IT departments.

Despite the IT talent deficit that exists today, companies have more and more tools to face these challenges. In this way, strategies such as outsourcing come to provide solutions to organizations that demand a more effective workflow.

So, if what you want is to boost your business and be successful in the new digital era, you should be at the forefront of technological solutions that optimize processes, costs, time, and your IT department in the best possible way.

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