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Netser Group Partners with Aisera to Redefine the AI-Enhanced Help Desk Experience

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The fusion between artificial intelligence (AI) and information technology (IT) drives a promising future for businesses, greater opportunities, and unparalleled technological expertise, resulting in this strategic alliance between Netser Group and Aisera. A step closer to innovation and the way technological challenges are addressed.   


In recent years, Artificial Intelligence AI has evolved significantly, offering more innovative solutions that enhance the competitive advantage of businesses. Today, 42% of companies globally are already exploring Artificial Intelligence AI to drive their growth and efficiency. The increasing accessibility of these solutions allows even the smallest businesses to take advantage of automation, advanced data analytics, and machine learning capabilities.  

In our continuous work to offer more innovative services, we have established a strategic partnership with Aisera. This alliance represents a new way to transform businesses, increase revenue, reduce costs, and personalize customer and employee experiences.   

Supported by a recognized market leader such as Aisera, highlighted as one of the world’s leading AI providers according to the recent IDC MarketScape recognition, we are strengthening a strategic alliance to offer even more innovative services for companies in the Americas. 

Transforming the Help Desk Service Experience with Artificial Intelligence AI 

One of the big challenges for current businesses is addressing a faster and more efficient help desk service. Thanks to artificial intelligence AI and our partnership with Aisera, we can transform this service to raise its quality and performance.  

Our AI help desk service powered by modern technologies such as ChatGPT and generative AI, streamlines escalation to ticketing systems and automates repetitive tasks for IT support teams, resulting in improved IT support self-service, through integrated AI workflows.   

Service enhancement simplifies IT tasks and enables automated solutions to common problems or routing more efficiently, which can improve service desk productivity by up to 80%, and consequently reduce costs by up to 90%, according to Aisera. 

 Advantages of an AI Help Desk System 

 Incorporating artificial intelligence AI into a help desk system provides better solutions and opens up new possibilities for your technology infrastructure. With features such as automation, GPT technology, and machine learning systems, our help desk service becomes a powerful and adaptable tool for automating help desk tasks. 

Learn about the key benefits: 

  •  24/7 Autonomous Resolution

The ability of Artificial Intelligence AI to resolve requests autonomously and be available 24/7, ensures continuous support for users, improving service availability. 

  • Repetitive Task Automation

Besides improving operational efficiency, task automation provides fast and accurate responses to support requests, improving the user experience by reducing wait times. 

  • Problem Prevention and Predictability

Through predictive analytics, Artificial Intelligence AI can identify and prevent problems before occurring, reducing downtime and increasing the reliability and stability of the technology environment. 

  • Cost Reduction and Resource Optimization

By automating tasks and improving operational efficiency, the AI help desk reduces the costs associated with IT support and optimizes the use of resources. 

Get a FREE DEMO of our AI help desk service now and witness how AI can drive efficiencies, reduce costs, and improve satisfaction for both your employees and customers. 



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