New Alliance: NETSER GROUP and SENZARY join forces in the IoT market

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Netser Group and Senzary join forces in the IT market with a new alliance to provide IoT services and solutions in The Americas with local customer support in 42 countries in the region.

We are proud to announce our most recent partnership with Senzary!

To keep growing and pave the way for our customers towards a true digital transformation and better decision making, Netser Group and Senzary have formed a joint venture.

This alliance will allow both companies to develop the Americas market for IoT solutions, which only in 2021 the market grew 22.4% to $157.9 billion dollars.

Netser has been providing IT support for vendors/manufacturers in installations, supply chain and warranty management for over 20 years with a presence in LATAM and the US.

On the other hand, Senzary is an IoT service provider focused on end-to-end, pre-integrated solutions for everyday problems in industrial environments. The IoTLogIQ technology provides on-demand, real-time, cloud-based data processing, business & advanced analytics, including AI/Machine Learning and anomaly detection solutions.

With these technologies and strengths, we will be able to help many industries make their business more efficient by keeping track of their machinery, while collecting important data and statistics to avoid disruptions and improve decision making.

Among the main solutions we will be providing with this alliance are: Rotary IQ, Power IQ and Insights IQ.

With the Rotary IQ solution, companies will be able to monitor their machines reducing unplanned downtime, maintenance costs and minimizing emergency repairs. Different industries such as Steel & Iron, Pulp & Paper, Metals & Mining, Water Treatment, Food Production, Automotive, Waste Management, Oil & Gas, among others, can use this solution to measure the vibration, power, axial movement, ultrasound, shock, velocity and acceleration, temperature, and humidity of machines they use.

The Power IQ Solution, consists in an energy monitoring solution for industrial plants and office buildings, providing companies with a deeper insight into their business’ energy habits while allowing them to shift to intelligent ways of consumption. This solution focuses on industries such as Metals & Mining, Pharmaceuticals, Automotive, Offshore, Pulp & Paper, Oil & Gas, Food Production, Water Treatment, FMCG, Steel & Iron and Waste Management.

Finally, Insights IQ solution, is a high-speed component for streaming IoT and IIoT solutions that rapidly enables self-learning and self-correcting AI models right at the Edge or in the Cloud for predictive maintenance and resources optimization. The main industries that are using this solution are retail, telecommunications, healthcare, and chemical research.

With this partnership we will leverage our presence in 42 countries and our experience in IT services while Senzary’s contribution is decisive to offer premier IoT services and solutions. Customers and integrators will be receiving premier customer support and improved services in our local offices and warehouses.

Francisco Herrera, CEO of Netser Group, and Erick Schummer, CEO of Senzary, celebrate this important alliance for the Americas market and are looking forward to supporting many companies and becoming an international reference in IoT.

Netser Group can support your company with IoT Services. From machine monitoring to energy monitoring solutions, we customize services according to your needs.

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