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What is server virtualization and why you should implement it?

Studies estimate that 92% of companies implement server virtualization. This is due to its large advantages for cost savings, improved energy efficiency and because it enables business scalability, among others.  We recommend this article that will explain the basics of virtualization and its numerous benefits for your IT infrastructure. 


What is server virtualization? 

Let’s start by understanding that server virtualization is a process that runs a software called hypervisor to create multiple resources from a single server. It abstracts server software from the hardware so more than one operating system can run a guest on a physical host. We can say that server virtualization allows the server to become a separate “virtual machine” from the physical surface where it is running on a virtual imitation of the server hardware. 

Why choose server virtualization? 

Companies that have virtualized their servers have seen improvements in resource efficiency and cost reduction. One of the numerous benefits of this process is that it allows you to balance workloads between VMs(Virtual Machines) so your server can have a better performance. Virtualizing your servers will become the first step into storing information in the cloud. 

In addition, virtual environments allow cloning virtual machines making it easier to deploy new servers with similar properties.  

We can say that…

Virtualization is a long-term solution that will allow your company to save money on the purchase of physical servers. It should be seen as global strategy of the entire organization. It is proven that it will improve your company’s ROI, as well as competitiveness, efficiency, and consolidated growth.  

If you want to understand the details of virtualization and its benefits for your company, we invite you to download our Whitepaper “Everything You Need to Know About Virtualization in Your Business”.

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