Learn the 5 Most Common Problems When Having Different Technology Providers

This post aims to explain the most common problems when having different technology providers in your company and some suggestions to make more efficient your resources. We invite you to discover it.


We are starting a new year and it is not just any year. We are facing unprecedented challenges with new ways to communicate with our customers and especially companies need new sources for efficiencies. 

At Netser we have been helping our customers through these difficult times and we want to show you how they have leveraged with our regional footprint. Their experience has shown us how they have lowered costs in IT and their operations by having a single provider to focus on their business and services. 

Below, we will show you the 5 most common problems our customers have faced  when having technology services with different providers.  

#1 Standardization

Service delivery will not be uniform when you have different technology providers for your internal or your customers’ needs. This will generate additional cost by creating more processes.  

#2 Security

With several providers your information could be vulnerable and it will be more complicated to comply with confidentiality clauses and audit processes. With a single provider your sensitive information will be in the hands of one company. 

#3 Efficiency

Efficiency is one of the most common problems because with multiple vendors it will be tough to achieve economies of scale and with a centralized billing you can lower costs. 

#4 Alignment

Each supplier has different processes and handles the needs of their customers differently. Therefore, success in multi-country projects depends largely on a unique service model and having a single technology provider the quality of the deliverables will be unified.

#5 Communication

Another key problem when companies have more than one provider is that communication is not clear. Different providers will not have a long-term strategic vision and will not know the objectives of your business. This issue causes longer execution times of projects. 

In conclusion

Companies need to have an efficient IT infrastructure. Lowering costs by having a single supplier as an ally will allow you to achieve long-term goals and strategic planning. 

If you want more information on this topic, we invite you to download our infographic and learn more about these 5 most common problems when having different IT providers.  

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