Server virtualization: Key service for the success of a renowned Resort

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A comprehensive server virtualization solution is consolidated today as a strategic alternative in a renowned resort. Find out how we achieved this successful project. 

What is server virtualization and what are its benefits?

Server virtualization is a widely recognized technology solution in the Information Technology (IT) industry. This tool allows you to take full advantage of a company’s existing infrastructure by creating multiple virtual servers from a single physical server.  

The benefits that a company can obtain are numerous and outstanding. Server virtualization is especially useful for maximizing the use of existing resources, reducing maintenance and energy costs, simplifying server management, and improving the scalability of IT infrastructure. It is important to keep in mind that the specific configuration of virtual servers will depend on the characteristics of each business. 


Server virtualization: Key service for the success of a renowned Resort

Netser Group carried out an important virtualization project to renew the infrastructure of a well-known hotel chain in the Bahamas.

In this context, the client, with three hotels and a casino, presented a significant challenge due to its outdated VMware platform, which required a hardware and software upgrade to ensure continuity of support and optimal system operation.

In Netser, with our coverage in Latin America and the Caribbean, we managed to execute server virtualization with local engineers, which helped the hotel chain save costs on overseas hiring. The engineers’ objective was to renew the infrastructure for the resort’s data centers, implementing a virtualization proposal that included new equipment, switches and storage hardware. Additionally, a primary and auxiliary on-site storage tool to ensure availability and disaster recovery.

From there, a vCenter was installed that connected the old and new infrastructure, which involved working with multiple versions of VMware, because the old infrastructure was in a different cluster than the new one. Afterward, the hot storage migration feature (storage vMotion) was used to replicate more than 200 virtual machines without causing interruptions to the service.

One notable aspect of the project was the meticulous implementation of redundancy across all virtual machines, resulting in enhanced stability and reliability throughout operations. Furthermore, an upgrade to the latest version of virtual hardware was performed, complemented by the integration of the primary and secondary site storage systems, facilitating continuous volume replication. To ensure uninterrupted service, the deployment of Site Recovery Manager proved instrumental, enabling seamless migration of virtual machines between sites. This comprehensive approach not only fortified the infrastructure but also bolstered business continuity.

A challenge faced with the expertise of Netser’s professional team, where they successfully delivered exceptional results within a tight timeframe. They efficiently optimized resources while ensuring uninterrupted operations for a business that relies on 24/7 system functionality. By minimizing disruptions and maximizing efficiency, Netser demonstrated their commitment to delivering high-quality solutions.

Customer Benefits of Server Virtualization 

The benefits derived from server virtualization were significant, including: 

  • Faster response times thanks to new hardware. 
  • Maximized resources by consolidating aging servers into a more efficient, high-performance infrastructure. 
  • Cost reduction thanks to the fact that Netser optimized the necessary hardware with an efficient consolidation of new and old equipment, minimizing the cost of acquisition, implementation and maintenance of servers.  
  • Greater scalability, since the virtualized infrastructure provide them with the ability to scale quickly to meet the demands of their resort, giving them an advantage in terms of storage capacity, processing power, and software requirements that work with the high flow of operations that are performed. 


This successful case clearly demonstrates the tangible benefits of server virtualization and its great value in boosting a company’s resources and operations. The ability to use different types of virtualization opens the opportunity for a wide range of modernization options, all designed to fit the specific needs of a business.

Virtualization has become an essential player for those companies that want to maintain optimal performance in their operations and achieve a significant competitive advantage in today’s market. By making the most of existing infrastructure, reducing costs, simplifying server management, and improving scalability, virtualization is positioned as a must-have solution in today’s business environment.

At Netser Group, we focus on helping companies achieve maximum performance in their IT infrastructure and achieve significant cost savings. As a leader in server virtualization solutions and IT services, we are committed to providing you with the tools you need to drive your organization’s competitiveness.  

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