What IT Staffing Services is and how I can implement it?

The market is changing, and companies must adapt to the needs of their customers as new technologies and trends emerge due to shifts in purchasing behavior with COVID-19. Therefore, the way we customers relate and acquire services has changed. Additionallypeople continue to have needs that companies can meet so they can focus their efforts on the core of their business. 

That is why companies are increasing their preference for a single technology provider to help them optimize their resources and select the right and qualified profiles for the IT department. 

There are studies that estimate that staffing services employ approximately 3 million workers daily. In this article you will learn what staffing services is and the first steps to implement it in your company so you can save costs in your IT department. 


What is staffing services?

IT Staffing services refers to a full service of selection and recruitment of IT engineers. It aims to locate the best candidates, attract, and hire them to become an internal resource while being contractually outsourced. 

Staffing services should be an agile service to face the constant technological changes that demand competitive and differentiated profiles every day. Therefore, companies that provide this service have become strategic allies for organizations, as they play a key role in day-to-day users’ productivity and growing opportunities.   

Benefits of having IT Staffing in your company: 

  • You will be able to engage in temporary projects without increasing the internal workforce of your company, thus avoiding long-term costs.  
  • You will avoid administrative work for your business. 
  • You can have peace of mind that the process is in the hands of attraction and selection experts, responsible for obtaining the most suitable specialists. 
  • Finally, you can guarantee the correct management of your technology platform. 

Understanding all the specifications of the profile is the key to shortening response times in a selection process.”  


Key aspects for using IT staffing services 

A fundamental recommendation for those companies that want to hire a staffing service is to have clarity in the profile they need before they begin the search. For instance, level 1 and 2 technicians for IT support tasks is the most active market in LATAM where in only 3 days up to 200 applications can be received and only 10% will be evaluated in depth. Hence, the more specific you can be the faster the hiring process can be. 

Netser, is an IT and Staff provider with more than 20 years of experience, and can have a level 1 or 2 candidate hired in a week to provide support remotely or at the premises. In Latin America these technical profiles are easier to find in countries such as: Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Mexico, Argentina, and Chile. 

Another key point for those who want to start implementing this service is to avoid the Traditional “Talent pool” that will cause delays in the selection process. This happens when the professional has a remarkably high skillset, and he is the one who chooses their employer and in this case competitiveness is important. IT professionals know the reality of the market and know that their profiles are very specific. Therefore, you must have confidence in staffing experts since they have had contact with various problems and complexities that occur throughout the process and each region. 


Is your company ready to have the most qualified and suitable technology profiles on the market? 

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