Emerging technologies that will impact the future according to Gartner's Hype Cycle

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Gartner, the leading Information Technology (IT) consulting firm, annually presents important research on emerging technologies with the potential to significantly transform society, business, and enterprises. It recently published its report on the 2023 emerging technologies cycle, a comprehensive analysis of the most influential topics in the technology industry that will impact the coming years. 

In this report, a rigorous assessment covering around 2,000 technologies was conducted to identify the top 25 emerging technologies that are in the phase known as Gartner Hype cycle. This cycle is graphically represented as a curve that analyzes the impact that these 25 technologies will have on society and companies in the future. 

Navigating the Digital Transformation Journey: Key Themes in the 2023 Emerging Technologies Hype Cycle for IT Leaders

  •  Emerging AI 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has featured prominently in Gartner’s Hype Cycle for several years, and it’s no surprise that it continues to generate expectations due to its remarkable transformative power, which is already evident today. Emerging AI is presented as a model with extraordinary potential to automate human tasks, boost competitiveness, support decision-making, and improve the user experience.  

However, the Gartner report goes further by pointing out the importance of exploring “Beyond Emerging AI”, meaning that new AI techniques are being developed with great potential and deserve attention. As Arun Chandrasekaran, vice president analyst at Gartner, highlights, “The popularity of many of these new AI techniques will have a profound impact on business and society.”  

Among the emerging AI-related technologies that Gartner highlights are causal AI, neurosymbolic AI, federated machine learning, and reinforcement learning. Although AI is at the top, Gartner alerts that these new models are still in an incipient phase, which generates uncertainty about their evolution.  

Melissa Davis from Gartner says that “while all eyes are on AI right now, CIOs and CTOs should also turn their attention to other emerging technologies with transformative potential.” 

  • Developer Experience (DevX) 

According to Gartner, DevX refers to all aspects of interactions between developers and the tools, platforms, processes, and people they work with to develop and deliver software products and services. Improving the Developer Experience is therefore a fundamental trend for the success of most companies’ digital initiatives.  

With the evolution of emerging technologies focused on the developer experience, we seek to identify and quantify opportunities to improve the performance of software products by optimizing costs, operating models, technology, and processes. 

  • Pervasive Cloud 

Pervasive cloud-related technologies focus on the evolution of cloud computing and its role as a key driver of business innovation. This crucial technology trend enables instant access to data and services from anywhere and on any device, improving business agility and collaboration. 

With future models, companies will be able to ensure the scalability and security of computing resources. IT leaders can leverage these platforms to agilely adapt to rapid digital transformation. Gartner estimates that it will take 5 to 10 years for these emerging technologies to reach general adoption.  

  • Human-Centered Security and Privacy

The technology revolutions of this group focus on how organizations can become resilient by implementing human-centric security and privacy programs. These emerging technologies, according to Gartner, seek solutions to ensure governance, reliability, fairness, reliability, robustness, effectiveness, and data protection, promoting a culture of mutual trust within organizations.  

This has led to the development of advanced models and techniques that allow the creation of algorithms to protect the privacy and security of businesses, including the application of generative AI in cybersecurity to identify potential cyber threats and analyze data patterns. 


How can your company take advantage of these technological trends?

In today’s technology landscape, it is essential for companies to adopt an innovation and transformation mindset. By encouraging a change-oriented company culture, companies can maintain a vision of continuous growth that allows them to leverage emerging technologies to expand their business and improve their competitiveness.  

The possibilities to boost a company through technology are immense. Companies can start by automating their manual processes using innovative AI solutions, expanding their value proposition, optimizing operations, and improving the experience for both customers and employees.  

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