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How to reduce your costs by 35% with a single IT provider?

Today, we live in an environment with accelerated changes where more and more organizations that want to continue competing and offering their services in the market must be flexible. This means that they must adapt to changes, behavior, habits and needs of their customers when facing multi country deployments.

To do this, an organization must be efficient in using its resources to maximize their ROI. Today, it is a priority to increase productivity and lower costs. In this article you will learn about some recommendations to reduce your costs in IT by 35% and optimize your resources.

Some of them are:

Use the Daas model (Device as a Service) 

This type of model allows companies to pay monthly fees for the service of having equipment available alongside upgrades and support services with an experienced IT provider. In addition, having an expert provider you could add cloud services and significantly decrease infrastructure investments and of course the company can invest resources in its core. Therefore, it will be able to turn part of their technology into an operational cost.

Having a single IT provider 

With different technology providers it will be difficult to achieve a unique quality of service and rates aren’t unified, therefore your IT projects will be more expensive. In addition, if you have users in different countries you would have to locate local suppliers and the maintenance and installation of equipment will be carried out one by one without continuous support, greatly increasing the cost of this service.

Finally, don’t buy PCs or equipment on your own 

In many occasions it is better to lease them and work with a certified provider expert in this topic so you can avoid logistics challenges such as importing costs and services, especially if your organization is in different places, cities or countries.

We hope that these recommendations can be implemented in your organization so you could reduce your costs by 35%. We invite you to download our success story from the tourism industry that explains how one of our customers applied these strategies for their expansion.

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